Industries in Which We Operate

We prepare the payroll for more than 200 different clients, some having only two employees, some over 300. Listed below are some of the main areas in which we operate.

  • Hospitality Industry (Includes Hotels, Motels, Night Clubs, Licensed Clubs, Restaurants, Cafes and Bars)
  • Retail Industry (Includes General Shops, Food Shops, Chemist Shops, Supermarkets)
  • Vehicle Service Industry (Includes Vehicle Repair Work Shops, Petrol Service Stations, Convenience Shops)
  • Transport Industry (Includes Trucking Firms, Delivery Companies, Couriers)
  • Manufacturing Industry (Includes Manufacturing, Fabrication, Assembly and Distribution)
  • Building Industry (Includes Construction, Labourers, Tradespeople) and Business
  • Services Industry (Includes Security, Cleaners, Caretakers, Lift Attendants)
  • Education Industry (Includes Schools, Boarding Houses, Special Education, Kindergarten Teachers and Assistants)
  • Amusement & Recreation Industry (Includes events, festivals, trampoling centres)
  • Health Industry (Includes Medical Practices, Health and Fitness Centres)

In addition some employees such as Clerks and Storeman and Packers are employed across the industry borders.