The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll

Running a business effectively requires overseeing a range of tasks that need to be performed both regularly and effectively. For businesses with multiple staff, payroll is one of the most costly and time consuming tasks for an organisation.

Outsourcing payroll duties to an experienced professional firm can result in many benefits.

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Review your contracts!

As you should be aware by now, the Superannuation Guarantee is increasing to 9.25% on July 1st 2013. This is part of a long term shift to 12% which is detailed on our Superannuation page.

For many employers this will have little administrative impact. However, for employers who use contracts where there’s a total salary inclusive of Super, this change will require a thorough review of all employee contracts.    

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Changes to Superannuation Payments

The next few years offers many challenges in the area of Superannuation. We here at Crawshays are working hard to make sure we’re ready to help our clients meet all the Superannuation obligations.

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Crawshay Consultants Attend Session on Contract Law

I recently attended an NRA info session on Contract Law which was very useful and informative. Sam Elliffe highlighted some of the common areas that employers can come unstuck.

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