New Anti-Bullying legislation

From January 1 2014, employees who reasonably believe they are being bullied at work will be able to make an application directly to the Fair Work Commission for an order to prevent the bullying.

While there are clear risks to your company, this should be seen as an opportunity to create the workplace culture needed to be a leading company today.

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Review your policies and procedures

  • make sure your code of conduct includes an anti-bullying section
  • have a clear and well understood grievance procedure so that employees know who to speak to if they feel they are being bullied at work
  • have a clear investigation and disciplinary procedure. There is little point in having a grievance system if problems are not investigated fairly and addressed adequately

Invest in your culture & train your people

While the Fair Work Commision doesn't have the power to impose financial penalties on companies, the risk to your company's internal harmony and external repuation are clear. That's why it makes sense to see this as an opportunity to make sure your workplace policies and culture reflect your ideals. Attracting and retaining quality staff in today's world requires workplaces to be visibly fair and just places.

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