Are you getting the most out of us?

We hate it when we hear that one of our clients has wasted their time trying to do something that we can do very easily.
So this is a shout out loud and clear: check with Crawshays before you spend too much of your valuable time. 

There may be times when we’re not able to do exactly what you require, but most of the time we can – our payroll program is extremely flexible and has great exporting functions. For smaller companies this might be as simple as a Gross Tax Nett Super excel spreadsheet each payroll period. For larger companies perhaps you might like a spreadsheet which breaks down every payment type for every employee.
Whatever info you need your first thought should be – can Crawshays do this?

  • Email you all reports
  • Email PDF pay slips and end of year payment summaries
  • Lodge your monthly or annual payroll tax
  • Lodge your WorkCover Rateable Remuneration
  • “Pay” your Super
  • Email you Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Long Service Leave balances as frequently as you require
  • Email you a spreadsheet containing all your employee pay info between any dates you require