Complete Payroll Solutions

Why Choose Crawshays for your Payroll & Superannuation services?

  • We offer a fast and accurate payroll solution built around your needs
  • We are very cost effective – call us for an immediate quote on our payroll systems
  • Our knowledge of the different awards is immense, built up from over 30 years experience
  • We have links to different industry groups – this means we are across all of the great many changes relevant to payroll. Whether it’s award modernization, phasing in, SuperStream – we will be at the forefront.

Our staff is "award intelligent", not only do they know which award each employee is employed under, they also have detailed knowledge of that award and make sure that the pays are calculated in accordance with the terms and conditions of that award.

We are fully conversant with other legislation that impacts on the employment and payroll areas of your company. Laws relating to unfair dismissal, industry superannuation and the Government guarantee contribution, pay advice slip information, redundancy and eligible termination payments and so on.... the list appears to be endless these days. Our payroll solutions cover all of this!

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What We Do

We do everything relating to your payroll. Each week (fortnight/Month) we:

  • Process your payroll information in accordance with the award or instructions
  • Prepare the pay reports and pay advice slips
  • Ensure your staff are paid into their nominated account(s)
  • Produce electronic pay reports and pay envelopes which can be emailed to employees as a pdf attachment

At the end of each month we:

  • Provide Gross Salaries & Wage and PAYG figures for your BAS
  • Complete your Payroll Tax Returns
  • "Pay" your Superannuation via a clearing house compliant with SuperStream
  • Provide you with a detailed summary report on wage costs for the month

At the end of the financial year we:

  • Prepare your Payment Summaries (Group Certificates) and PAYG Tax Reconciliation
  • Prepare your Payroll Tax Annual Adjustment Return
  • Prepare your WorkCover annual return

On a continuous basis we:

  • Maintain employee Annual Leave and Personal Leave records.
  • Answer employee pay queries
  • Answer Government Surveys and Centrelink Employer reports
  • Provide advice on wage costs and legislative changes
  • Complete Employee Separation Certificates
  • Handle all other pay related matters on your behalf.

For professional and experienced payroll services you can trust Crawshay Consultants.