Crawshay Consultants has always been at the forefront for helping our clients meet their Superannuation requirements.

The next few years offers many challenges in this area which we're already meeting. The most exciting change is the way in which employers will pay their employees' Super.

How will you be required to pay your Super?

If you have 20 or more employees, then by June 30 2015 all Superannuation payments will need to be made electronically, in a format consistent with the Super Data & Payment Standards - see ATO - SuperStream. The deadline for compliance has already been extended so employers should ensure they are up and running with this before the deadline. Although employers with 19 employees or less have a further year to comply, there is increasing pressure from Super funds for payments to be made electronically.

Check out this video from the ATO to see why now is the time to act.

We have worked hard behind the scenes at Crawshays to make sure we’re able to comply with the standards required. We now pay Super on behalf of many small and large companies, simplifying what can be a difficult and time consuming process. Call us to find out more about how we can take the hassle out of paying Super, or click on this link - Making Super Simple

Superannuation Guarantee changes from July 1 2013

Please note: the table below reflects the revised Superannuation percentages.

Year Rate
2012-13 9.00%
2013-14 9.25%
2014-2021 9.50%
2021-22 10.00%
2022-23 10.50%
2023-24 11.00%
2024-25 11.50%
2025-26 12.00%